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Are you thinking about buying a franchise?

Over the years, we have helped franchisees with a variety of issues both inside and outside of the courtroom. We have come across countless situations that could have been buying a franchiseprevented if the franchisee would have had someone in their corner throughout the purchase process. The complicated contracts that franchisees are required to sign are almost always written to benefit the franchisor. Franchisors and franchise brokers are great at summarizing complicated legal jargon in a way that makes franchisees feel comfortable signing a contract that they do not fully understand. Our team can read over your Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement and explain all the potential benefits and risks. We also provide free franchise research resources which we can help you navigate in order to best research your potential investment.

Work with a franchise attorney, not a franchise consulting service

Many people discover franchise opportunities through franchise consulting companies, often referred to as franchise brokers. These companies present themselves as reliable sources of information for anyone who is considering buying a franchise. In reality, franchise consulting services are the people trying to sell you a franchise and therefore are often geared towards the franchisor. These companies are focused on selling franchises, not helping potential franchisees understand the franchise system, obligations, and risks.

It’s important to remember that a franchise consulting company is not the same as a franchise attorney.
Most franchise consulting companies only make money if they sell franchises, so while they will be happy to point out all the benefits, they are not likely to go over the potential risks of investing in a franchise.

We help potential franchisees and give them a clear understanding of what they are getting into should they decide to invest in a franchise.

highlighter-1103715_1920Our team can help you see through the sales pitch and get down to the real pros and cons of your potential investment. Our years of experience directly related to protecting and helping franchisees will help you make a knowledgeable decision. By allowing us to review your contracts and help you research the franchisor in question, we can help you see the full picture, which could potentially save you from messy legal disputes down the line when you’re less than pleased with your franchisor.

Due Diligence

Performing due diligence on a franchise system can be complicated and confusing. Franchisors have trained salesmen who are always quick to point you to happy franchisees, awards and commendations, and good press. We can help you dig deeper and take a look at any past lawsuits, help you find unhappy franchisees that might be able to shed some light on their experiences with the franchisor, and assist you in interpreting the legalese and fine print.

Hiring us to help you with due diligence, look over your Franchise Disclosure Document, and read through your Franchise Agreement could save you thousands of dollars and many headaches. We have seen too many people rush into buying a franchise only to find themselves dealing with financial issues and battling their franchisor in and outside of the courtroom.

Contact us before you sign!

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