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Franchise consultations are a service provided by the Law Office of Jonathan E. Fortman. During a franchise consultations you will work with with the tight knit Fortman Law Team, which consists of  Attorney Jonathan Fortman, Paralegal Kelly Spann, and Legal Research Assistant/Spanish Translator, Teresa Kirchner.

“I wish I would have contacted you sooner”

The Fortman Law team has had over a decade of franchise litigation experience in which they solely represented franchisees against various franchisors. These include some of the biggest franchise systems in the world, including Stratus Building Solutions, Curves International, and AAMCO Transmissions, just to name a few. During that decade, it became obvious that there was a crucial need for franchisee consultations that provided them with information on their rights, options, and overall support. We have heard countless times “I wish I would have contacted you sooner.” This website was created to better reach franchisees as well as provide resources for them.

We have been offering franchise consultations for years but more recently decided to expand and reach a wider array of franchisees via an additional website geared specifically to franchise consultations, franchise document review, investigation of franchise systems, legal assistance for franchise problems, and more.

Our ultimate goal is to empower franchisees before, during, and after the purchase of a franchise.

It is important to note that we are not a franchise broker. We are not employed, compensated, or otherwise paid by any franchisor. We are here to protect and empower franchisees. We offer services for potential franchisees who are in the process of investigating a franchise as well as services for current franchisees who are experiencing problems with their franchise system.


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