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It is absolutely essential that you do thorough franchise research before you make the long-term commitment to invest in a business. Franchisors and Franchise Brokers will give you a lot of information about their franchise, but they will only tell you what they want you to hear. While we offer services to do in-depth franchise research, these resources are a great place to start.

Resources for Franchise Buyers

The American Association of Franchisees and Dealers website is a great place to start for franchise research. This site can help you narrow in on what exactly you should be looking for in a franchise.

Search for Complaints from Unhappy Franchisees

Franchisors and franchise brokers love showing off happy franchisees, but what about the unhappy franchisees? This site is a forum of current and former franchisees, so definitely take the time to search for complaints  about the franchise you are researching. You might find that the business you are considering investing in has quite a few unhappy franchisees!

How to Research a Franchise

This article on Entrepreneur has a lot of good information about how to tackle the investigation process. You can use this article as a guide for getting started with your franchise research.

Starting & Managing a Franchise

The Small Business Association offers a good amount of information about what franchising is and provides suggestions on your business investment strategy.

Franchising 101: The Law of Franchising

This is a great look at the rules, regulations, and laws related to franchising. Read carefully and take note of the fact that many laws are written in such a way that they protect the franchisor, not the franchisee.

Is Buying a Franchise Riskier Than Ever?

This article takes a look at the risks involved in buying a franchise and goes over ways you can lessen that risk.

How Do You Investigate a Franchise?

This is a short but helpful guide that goes over the steps you need to take during the franchise research process.

Franchise Research Blogs by Fortman Law

You can see our full blog here, but we’ve included a few blog posts below that are great resources for current or potential franchisees.

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